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Domestic Commercial Vessel Survey

This type of survey is for the Vessel use & Operational area, e.g. Hire & Drive vessels, Fishing vessel, Passenger vessel (13 or more) and Non-passenger vessels (up to 12 passengers). AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) – Marine Safety National Law Act 2012, which sets out general Safety obligations and requirements and the Marine Safety National Law Regulation 2013 which further defines matters mentioned in the National law. More Information

Periodic Survey

Periodic survey is the inspection of the vessel at intervals to determine that the vessel remains compliant with the standards at the initial Survey process.

EPA Survey

EPA Survey is a Code of Practice that adheres to Standards and is required for the containment of Black & Grey water management on a vessel being of Commercially or Privately Operated. More Information

Machinery & Ancillary Equipment Survey

Machinery & Ancillary equipment surveys are similar to the condition survey, e.g. you may want to have the generator surveyed for condition, we offer a full report survey on the unit including Intrusive & Non-Intrusive surveys, to a general condition, and all associated equipment with the unit. This applies to all mechanical equipment. We can also help with a maintenance plan to keep your machinery up to date and minimise breakdowns and the unforeseen incidentals.

Condition Survey

The Condition survey is as it implies; to the condition of the vessel or a condition of certain aspects of the vessel. We can carry out whatever condition survey you require, from a full report with in-depth visual and testing of components & hull. These surveys are best carried out while the vessel is slipped. To a General Condition survey which only entails a walk through which will only be a superficial overview of everything as seen.

Pre-Purchase Survey

This type of Survey is required to find out what is wrong with the vessel as the buyer needs to know the extent of work & monies to be laid out prior to purchase; this survey is best undertaken with the vessel out of water.

Insurance Survey

This type of Survey is deemed by the underwriter (Insurer), as some will require a survey undertaken on renewing or taking out a policy on vessels of vintage, like a mature wine

Mobile Boat Code Examiner

Protect your boat from thieves. This is a unique identification system for registered recreational vessels; we affix the ID plate to the hull; which then stays with the boat for the life of the vessel.

Private Vessel Survey

Domestic Commercial Vessel Survey

We will take care of your survey needs and take the load off you.

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